Alternatives to LocK-A-FoLdeR

An open-source program that hides the contents of folders on a computer

Alternatives to LocK-A-FoLdeR
  • Activity Monitor 11.5
    Activity Monitor 11.5

    Software for your Mac that observes program usage and your computer's performance

    Trial version In English
  • Anti Boss Key 4.5
    Anti Boss Key 4.5

    Instantly hide any program when your boss comes around the corner

    Trial version In English
  • Secure Folder 7.7
    Secure Folder 7.7

    Specialized Windows XP encryption software released by SubiSoft to provide maximum security for sensitive files

    Free In English
  • Wise Folder Hider
    Wise Folder Hider

    Free software that keeps sensitive data hidden

    Free In English
  • Folder Protection 6.35
    Folder Protection 6.35

    Retain all of the precious contents of a deleted folder

    Trial version In English
  • Free External Hard Drive Folder Lock
    Free External Hard Drive Folder Lock

    Amazing-Share's Windows ME invention that facilitates protective authentication protocols for most mainstream external hard drives

    Free In English
  • Free Folder Password Lock
    Free Folder Password Lock

    Locking Confidential Folders

    Free In English
  • Folder Guard 8.2
    Folder Guard 8.2

    Encryption software designed to protect Windows folders

    Trial version In English
  • Protected Folder 1.3
    Protected Folder 1.3

    Keeps passwords and sensitive information hidden

    Free In English
  • Folder Lock 7.8.1
    Folder Lock 7.8.1

    Data security software that protects folders and files by locking them

    Trial version In English
  • Folder Password Lock Pro 11.1.0
    Folder Password Lock Pro 11.1.0

    Add an extra level of security and privacy to electronic file folders via a password

    Trial version In English
  • Free Folder Lock
    Free Folder Lock

    Free file protection software that keeps unauthorized users from accessing personal data and sensitive information

    Free In English
  • Lock A Folder 1.5
    Lock A Folder 1.5

    Lightweight and easy to use program to easily lock and protect any computer folder

    Trial version In English